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Faces of Hope: The Forgotten Children of Peru

In November 2011, Danielle organized a two week art exhibition at the USF Centre Gallery featuring photos and biographies from her time volunteering at the Villa la Paz Foundation's residential clinic for children in Chaclacayo, Peru.  The project was inspired by Danielle's first trip to the clinic in 2009 during which she noticed many of the children did not own photos of themselves.  When she returned in 2010, Danielle held "photo days" during which all 64 children in the clinic had their portrait made.  The photos were then developed and returned to the children in paper frames.  Wanting to do more with the photos, Danielle applied for a show at the USF Centre Gallery.  Her exhibition, Faces of Hope: The Forgotten Children of Peru, was created to share the incredible stories of the children with those who are unable to volunteer at the clinic in Peru.  During the two week show, over 500 people viewed the exhibition and $1,500 was raised.  The project was funded through the Herman Kane Memorial Scholarship. Click here to view the photos featured in the exhibition.  

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