Costa Rica

In the summer of 2011, Danielle participated in USF's Globalization and Community Health Field School in Monteverde, Costa Rica.  Danielle spent 5 weeks in country learning anthropology and public health field research methods while conducting a group study on adolescent alcohol and tobacco use (see Monteverde, Costa Rica).  While in Costa Rica, Danielle was also able to improve her Spanish through Spanish classes and her home stay family.  One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip was the opportunity to participate in a home stay experience.  Living with a Costa Rican family enabled Danielle to better understand the country and the community in which she was conducting research.  Danielle enjoyed field research and she hopes to incorporate some of the anthropological methods learned into her future career as a physician.  Danielle's Costa Rica trip blog can be found here


Giving Surveys at the local school

In home interview

Danielle with her home stay family

Danielle with the baby bull born during her home stay
Danielle named the bull Rocky after USF's mascot