Patient Safety in China

In summer 2014, Danielle traveled to Gansu, China for 3 weeks to conduct a patient safety project at Gansu Provincial Hospital. The project utilized the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture to better understand the attitudes and opinions of patient safety held by physicians and nurses at Gansu Provincial Hospital. The results of the study are currently being submitted for publication.  

In addition to the patient safety project, Danielle completed an observership in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Gansu Provincial Hospital. Through this experience Danielle was able to gain a first hand understanding of the practices and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Specifically she learned about the practice of acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy and the use of herbal treatment. 

Danielle also had the opportunity to visit the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Gansu Province and Gansu Provincial Cancer Hospital. 

Danielle outside of Gansu Provincial Hospital

Danielle and research assistant, Snow, administering surveys

Danielle speaking with an oncologist at Gansu Provincial Cancer Center

Danielle with fellow Medical Student, Autumn, and physical therapy student, Zhixin, observing in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping session